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  • It is Vismile latest product - protable 3D body scanner. It can measure 38 sorts of body dimensions with 98% of accuracy. You just need to carry a depth camera and a notebook. With four shots, it can reconstruct precise 3D model and make 38 measurements autmatically. Wondering what if wearing clothes? No worries, Vismile's AI algorithm can eliminate the clothes part, and give you the hidden body. However, if you wear an iron suit, we can do nothing.
  • It is our new function about AR fitting room for children. You must know that kids are alway hard to keep stand still in 60 seconds. So we develop a new function to solve parents' problems, and to avoid a potential roaring to kids. At first, kids can take photos, and parents can see the virtual try-on results with this photo. Not bad, right?
  • It is easy to use our fitting solutinos. After purchingn our systems, you just need to upload the photos of your clothes, and fill in the information of the clothes. Just wait couple hours, you will get a 3D virtual clothes in your ARmirror/vDress. So easy, right? Have one in your online/bric-and-mortar store now.
  • It is our prototype for smart home application. Can you image that Vismile mirror can be an electric window, interactive alarm, your personal news reporter, personal music DJ, personal secretary and fashion consultant, and health manager? It is your best closed friend who understand you, and care about you most.
  • Interactive e-DM of furnitures, the interesting product help the furniture store to display their sofas, beds, chairs, and desks in one small area. Vismile AR furniture products can estimate the size of display area and shows the real size of furnitures on the screen. Moreover, you can interact with the e-DM, as if you really try on the furniture. Vismile AR furniture can also detect the real decoration. If you switch the real floor lamp, the content will change to another furniture. Or you can move the real decoration as if you change the location of the furniture in the screen.
  • A Taiwanese company has developed a system that allows shoppers to try on clothes without really trying them on. Combining high resolution scans with motion sensors and cameras, the system gives busy shoppers a more efficient - and fun - way to try on the latest fashions. Ben Gruber reports.
  • Vismile provides solutions for fashion retailers. We have various powerful products. Want to know more about us? Check it out now.
  • Vismile's ARmirror can perform vraious kinds of functions. When the function of virtual fitting is off, it can be an interactive advertising screen which tracks and analyzes the user and displays the suitable advertiments.
  • Let us see how is its accuracy. Do you have questions such as why we need it? It is easy to use tape measure. Yes, you are right, but in the case that the tailor only serves you. If he has many clients and even client in different locations, it would be hard for exact measurements each time. Moreover, each tailor has his know-how about clothes drafting. Each measurement is according to his design. If a client want to change different style, he would measure again. However, if the tailor master has Vismile 3D body scanner, he can change the method of measuremetns anytime without visiting clients again.
  • VRmirror is one of the solution to achieve omni-channel for fashion retailers. VRmirror can recognize your customer standing in front of the mirror. It can analyze the online behavior of the same customer, of course with his/her permission. The VRmirror will shows his/her favorite clothes, or the clothes that he/she browse online without purchasing. Customer can use their mobile phones to control the VRmirror. They can create their mini-me and browsing clothes. After choosing their fovorite one, they can see the 3D virtual try-on. It help customers shop the right size, and the right style of the clothes.
  • vDress is Vismile online fitting solution. You can upload photos with your face, and create your mini-me. The vDress has 11 sorts of body dimensions. You can fill your dimensions to make an exact mini-me. Don't worry. If just know your height and wight, vDress can estimate your body with Vismile' AI algorith. With your mini-me, you can try on all the online clothes. Check the 360 degree of try on results, and make a perfect shop about the right size the clothes.
  • We launch our ARmirror in the shopping mall in Taipei. In this store, ARmirror is used as a service tool which help the sales introduce the clothes to theis customers. With ARmirror, we find that the conversion rate increases. It is because that ARmirror provides a good interaction betwwen sales and customers. Specially, in this store, there is no real changing room. Moreover, some of the clothes for sale are not in the store. The sales use ARmirror to demostrate the clothes not on-site. It proves that a store without changing rooms, on-site clothes, and in the foodcourt area, the revenue can be the same with classic stores in the fashion area. It means that you can own a store with lower cost and make the same amount revenue.
  • The ARmirror has outstanding and elegant design. You will feel so warm when touching its streamline shape and texture. It equips a 55" of LCD panel and a high performance of computer. There are one depth sensor and one video camera inside. It can perform any creative interaction with these. It is so powerful, but it still keeps a slim shape of 9cm thick, 88cm of width, and 198cm of height. It has two choices of color, black and white. With its minimalist style, It can fit into all kinds of interior design.